French Polishing

We French Polish

Here at Bates we are keeping alive the traditional method of french polishing furniture. We believe that this technique which has been perfected over hundreds of years is still the best way to provide a deep, authentic lustre that is appropriate for antique furniture.

Bates French Polishers East Brisbane

What is French Polishing?

French polishing is a wood furniture finishing technique that produces a superior finish. French polishing involves applying lots of thin coats of shellac to build up the shine and deep colour, the finish achieved with french polishing is considered to be the most beautiful ways to finish quality furniture, but it takes a high degree of experience and skill.
French polishing became prominent in the 18th century and was often on mahogany and other expensive timbers. It was considered the best finish for fine furniture. The process is very labour-intensive so other, quicker techniques were developed, but none can match the quality of true french polishing.

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